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Wiser Consultants’ Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) has available resources who are experienced in project management and inspection on TDOT projects giving us the ability to ensure TDOT’s needs are met on all projects for which we provide CEI services. Our staff's familiarity with contract documents, TDOT standards and specifications, and maintenance of documentation creates a formula for ensuring a successful construction project. Wiser’s CEI department specializes in inspection of roadway, bridges, pedestrian transportation, materials testing, and EPSC. Our field inspectors are certified in:,Ten-Hour OSHA, Asphalt Roadway Inspection, Asphalt Plant Inspection, ACI Class 1 Concrete Technician, Work Zone Traffic Control/Flagging, Guardrail Installation Training, TDEC I and II, Concrete Plant Technician, Soils and Aggregate Technician, Nuclear Gauge Training

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Our field inspectors are equipped with knowledge and experience. As well they have access to: TDOT’s Standard Specifications, TDOT’s Construction Circular Letters, TDOT’s Standard Operating Procedures, Construction Special Provisions, and Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Wiser conducts field inspection of construction activities in accordance with TDOT’s requirements for construction engineering and inspection. We are experienced with bridges, roadways, ITS, and resurfacing projects, and multimodal construction.

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