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Wiser’s design team is rich with sound professionals, experienced in roadway, site, and structural design. Project design directly follows the planning phase of the project. While planning is a two-dimensional design, typically outlining intent but absent a detailed project survey, the design phase provides three dimensional details based on a complete topographic survey. This enables the designer to verify the planning footprint, address environmental considerations and drainage, and provide a detailed plan for project construction. As part of our design process, we employ a robust QA/QC process which enables us to provide cost-effective solutions, considering materials, maintenance, project constructability, and sustainability. Quality is our hallmark and the key to the delivery of successful projects

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The Wiser design team is equipped with an arsenal of knowledge and experience to give our clients the best possible outcome for each of our designs. Our engineers and support staff undergo continuous training to ensure that we are current with all laws, regulations, and guidelines governing the plans development process and project funding requirements. We fully understand the rapid pace of changing technology and endeavor to provide each client with the most efficient designs, tailored to meet their specific needs. Our design professionals are passionate about their work and strive to exceed the client’s expectations in every case, providing safe, innovative designs that enhance our communities.

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