Project Description

Medical Center Parkway infrastructure consists of a four-lane divided and five-lane undivided roadway with a wide, heavily landscaped median, decorative lighting and interconnected traffic signals. In conjunction with the roadway, infrastructure including, re-purified water lines, sanitary sewer lines, potable water lines, high voltage electric lines, telephone, cable television and fiber optic lines were designed and constructed to cooperatively serve the community.

Wiser provided a vast array of professional services for all aspects of the development of the parkway including acting as the owner’s representative during the coordination of multiple construction projects. Acting as owner’s agent, Wiser’s responsibility was to facilitate all aspects of the project ranging from the initial project master planning to final project closeout.

Wiser provided professional services for the overall Project Management of the project which included:

  • Planning of the entire gateway roadway system
  • Comprehensive professional surveying including topographic and boundary surveys
  • Development and installation of a control network
  • Mass balance and cut/fill analysis
  • Design of the roadway system infrastructure including bridges, retaining walls, signals and communications connectivity;
  • Boundary surveys for multiple parcels
  • FEMA LOMR’s (Letter of Map Revision) for roadway and several individual buildings
  • The design and construction of multiple utilities including:
    • Sanitary sewer interceptor for entire gateway area
    • Re-purified water mains
    • Stormwater study and design with 9’ diameter tunnel under CSX
    • Potable water main design with extensive roadway irrigation system
    • Electric, phone, cable and fiber conduit backbone
    • 6 interconnected signals along Medical Center Parkway
  • Bidding, negotiations and contractor recommendations
  • Contract administration
  • Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI)
  • Project closeout